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Join the MindfulRant Weekly ConjureCall to create intentional space and focus to fully realize and express your goals for the week. This 60-min virtual call is designed to serve as a collective space to create, shape, share and make manifest the vision we have for our lives, our families, careers, communities and the world.


Our time together will virtually on Sundays from 8a-9a. There is not commitment other than the one you take to be present when you join us. Create a space for you that has elements you feel support your goals; a crystal, a graphic image, a journal, your calendar, a list, incense....whatever you feel are the elements that foster your vision's aliveness through you. 


Like you, others have gathered in the space to work through a week's vision, collectively in 60 mins. Please enter the room with the intention of leveraging the time and shared energy. Please hold the space for others that you need held for you.


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  • The weekly ConjureCall is done virtually with others. This 60-min session is meant for YOUR deep reflection on how to organize yourself and set intentions for the weekly experience you'd to have in the realms of self-expression, relationships, the material world and sense of connection to the global family. 

    Please prepare a space for this reflection by bringing your journal, crystals, vision boards or any other tool that helps you center yourself and lean into your visions. 

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